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AKIPS surveyed hundreds of network engineers and asked them for frank and fearless feedback. The results speak to our dedication of putting customers first.

When AKIPS asked customers to volunteer their honest opinions, it was prepared to hear some hard truths. What it wasn’t prepared for was overwhelmingly detailed feedback and positive sentiment.

“We were eager to hear how our product can improve. That’s exactly the information our development team needs to make AKIPS network-monitoring software even more efficient and user friendly.”  AKIPS CEO Mark Birkinshaw says.

“We developed an extensive survey to ensure we gained real insights from our users.” Birkinshaw says. “We received a 44% response rate, a high result for a B2B tech survey. The response and detailed feedback further quantified our solid customer engagement and trust in the product.”

“The common theme we consistently hear from our customers a few months after installation is that AKIPS is a real time saver.” The survey results further validated this and confirmed that our software continues to deliver significant productivity gains for network engineers year after year.”

The ‘Big Two’ metrics  – The survey AKIPS sent out had 36 questions, but two were particularly important. 

The first crucial query was about UX: “How would you rate your overall experience of using AKIPS?”

AKIPS puts the needs of its customers first, so it is no surprise that not one respondent said they had a poor experience, and 85% said they had an excellent or very good experience.

AKIPS customer experience rating

Respondents who left comments said, “AKIPS really is an awesome product!” and “The product has been consistently solid, and the updates and fixes have been released in a timely manner. Any issues we’ve had have been resolved quickly, and the AKIPS support staff have been fantastic to work with”.

The second crucial query related to AKIPS’ customer advocacy: “Would you recommend AKIPS to other network engineers?”

Many AKIPS customers are referrals from long-term users, which is a testament to their high product development standard and loyal customer base. AKIPS’s dedication to delivering a superior network monitoring product is evident in that 98% of respondents said they would recommend AKIPS to other network engineers.

AKIPS customer advocacy rating

Respondent’s comments “I have already recommended AKIPS to various other companies” and “Surely, I’m topping the leaderboard on referrals :-)”

What else did customers like about AKIPS’ product? 

If you’re considering switching to a new network monitoring tool, you may also be interested in the responses to the following six questions included in AKIPS’ survey. 

Overall, how satisfied are you with AKIPS meeting your organisation’s network-monitoring needs?

84% said extremely or very satisfied with respondents leaving comments such as, “AKIPS is a great product… there is NOTHING else like it on the market, especially at the low price point that it has” and “The graphing, polling, and report generation functionality of AKIPS is fantastic”.

How was your AKIPS installation experience?

AKIPS installation and setup experience, unlike many of our competitors, is designed with the customer in mind. That’s why 90% said it was excellent or very good, with respondents leaving comments such as, “A simple, straightforward process” and “A very straightforward installation using VMware”

How have your AKIPS upgrade experiences been?

91% said excellent or very good, with respondents leaving comments such as, “I have had few or no problems” and “I love the easy upgrade process – click to download, click to install – it was amazing” and “It’s cool being able to do it through the browser”.

How would you rate the performance of the AKIPS user interface and menu navigation?

78% said excellent or very good, with respondents leaving comments such as, “I have honestly not used any other monitoring product that does it as well as AKIPS” and “AKiPS performance is just the best, really, incomparable.”

How would you rate the generation of graphs and the retrieval of statistics in AKIPS?

82% said excellent or very good, with respondent’s comments such as, “The speed is excellent [and] the graphs look excellent” and “No concerns about the reliability or the quality of the data being presented – it’s something I don’t have to worry about ever”.

How was your interaction with the AKIPS support team

62% said excellent or very good. Those who did respond left comments such as, “Fast response, really in-depth” and “AKIPS support does a great job; I have no complaints”.  

A glowing report card

While the AKIPS team is gratified to learn that most of their customers are impressed with the fast, fully-featured and cost-effective tool they have created, they aren’t about to lapse into complacency.

“The core message of survey respondents is that AKIPS is the market leader, but that there still scope to improve its offering,” Birkinshaw says. “For all their generous praise, our customers also made plenty of excellent points about how we could add extra features, improve our API, integrate more third-party software, and automate more activities. We’ve taken that feedback on board and will be acting on it over the next year. It’s a high bar to clear, but we want to get even more impressive results in the next AKIPS customer feedback survey.”

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