The AKIPS solution

The most powerful tool in a network engineer's toolbox

AKIPS is one of the world’s fastest network monitoring software solutions with the best scalability on the market. It’s the solution that keeps urgent issues and faults away from your helpdesk.

Do you support large enterprise network infrastructures?

Get to know your network source of truth

The AKIPS Network Monitoring tool is fully-featured, fast, and cost-effective. Monitor your network, infrastructure, and your network’s performance seamlessly with unmatched visibility.

See everything when you need to

Gain visibility of your entire network and get your hands on all the metrics you need across your IT infrastructure. Better yet, do it seamlessly and without friction. A single AKIPS server scales to more than one million interfaces and 500 thousand flows each second. 

Need to go back in time? That’s easy. You can access three years of data down to one-minute granularity.

Unmatched in scalability and speed

AKIPS is innovative, that’s for sure. But we’re not done yet.

We’re constantly improving our software with regular releases, so network engineers can feel confident they’re working with the best.

Single product for Ping, SNMP, Syslog, Traps, NetFlow, alerting & more

Integrates with Opsgenie, Pagerduty, ServiceNow, Slack, Splunk & Teams

A single server scales to 1,000,000 interfaces & 500,000 flows per second

60-second polling for every MIB object

15-second Ping for every device


One powerful product, many capabilities

We cover 90+ vendors


Why pick AKIPS?

Rectify faults fast

AKIPS is proactive. Monitor your network and receive alerts that allow you to rectify faults, fast. So fast, they don't get the chance to become issues.

Deploy quickly

Install and activate AKIPS to start monitoring your network. It's that simple. A network monitoring tool that works in days, not weeks.

Easy to run

Cancel Patch Tuesday – AKIPS is a complete solution that allows you to get up and running quickly and keep it that way with minimum effort.

Access three years of data history

When you need to go back in time, that's no problem. Access three years of historical data through tables and graphs in just one minute. We don't average your data.

Network engineers love AKiPS. Find out why.

Get started with a free 30 day trial. You’ll receive a free demo too, before you deploy our software.