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Identify and address faults and performance issues before they disrupt business operations


An intelligent and powerful network monitoring solution

Enjoy unmatched visibility across your entire network

Network visibility

Track your entire network using SNMP, traps, syslog and ping. Visualize traffic paths using NetFlow. Trace connections between core devices and edge ports with SPM. Use configuration crawler to backup and compare historical configuration of key devices. Our intelligent polling won't overwhelm your network.

Alerting & reporting

Create custom status alerts and be notified on critical network events. Aggregate alerts into device, event and interface dashboards. Harness table and graph reports to summarize the most relevant data. Identify unused interfaces on your network.

Integration & customization

Go beyond standard reports with custom site scripts, for full control and advanced data analysis. Integrate with the services your team relies on to receive critical alerts. Forward and fanout messages to specialised tools for deeper analysis. Group devices to view specific data in a logical hierarchy.

AKIPS customers

Since 2014 we've worked with some of the world's largest brands across all industries

Why pick AKIPS?

Scalable for any sized network with 60 second polling

AKIPS scales to one million interfaces and 500k flows per second and provides updated data every 60 seconds.

Quick to deploy

Some network monitoring solutions need a four to six-month implementation period; AKIPS doesn't. Instead, it runs on a virtual machine or bare metal so that you can start within minutes.

Easy to run

AKIPS is distributed as a complete solution including the operating system to get up and running quickly and keep it running with minimum effort. No need to worry about Patch Tuesday!

Access three years of data history

AKIPS collects and saves up to three years' worth of historical data. You can access this data via tables and graphs at one-minute intervals. We don’t average your data.

Rectify faults, fast

Proactive network monitoring and quick alerts allow network engineers and IT teams to rectify faults quickly before they become business-interrupting issues.

Pricing that'll easily get signed off

Our subscription is simple, with a price point that you can't compare. helping to get your sign-off across the line one product, one price, all features. Simple!

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