Peak Network Performance Monitoring Awaits

Scalable insights:

From edge to core, no interface goes unseen. AKIPS monitors more,
so you worry less.

Real-time alerts:

Stay ahead of issues with immediate notifications. Pinpoint and fix 
faults faster than ever.

Swift deployment:

AKIPS gets you monitoring faster than any other option and 
complements your existing setup perfectly.

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We’ll set up your free 30-day trial so you can experience lightning-fast network monitoring & troubleshooting for yourself!

Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of outages with real-time alerts and automated issue detection. AKIPS filters noise, delivering only critical insights.

Seamless Scalability

AKIPS is capable of monitoring a million interfaces per server—no need for a patchwork of tools.

Streamlined Deployment

Deploy within minutes, not months, with AKIPS's intuitive setup and integration.

AKIPS brings your network's health into focus with unparalleled clarity and efficiency.

Why Networks Thrive with AKIPS

Unprecedented Scale: 

Seamlessly monitor over a million interfaces with updates every 60 seconds. 

Immediate Alerting System: 

Get alerted instantly on critical events, preventing potential downtime. 

Complete Network Visibility: 

Track your entire network with a single AKIPS server. 

Instant Implementation: 

Set up in minutes, with no complex server requirements. 

In-depth Data Retention: 

Access detailed, one-minute interval data history for three  years. 

Maintenance-Free Operation: 

Runs effortlessly with an included OS and minimal patching. 

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What Our Customers Say 

"When people ask me to name the one piece of network management software that we can’t live without, I tell them AKIPS. When something is wrong with the network, all my engineers are launching AKIPS to fault isolate. The massive amount of information this tool collects and provides you at a moment’s notice is staggering." 

Ryan Turner, Head of Networking

Your Network Command Center

Comprehensive Network Discovery and Mapping

Unlock your network's full blueprint swiftly with AKIPS. Mapping 5000+ devices in just 10 minutes, our solution provides real-time updates and configurations, ensuring you're always in the know without the data drag.

Adaptive Performance Monitoring

AKIPS Adaptive Performance Monitoring tailors to the dynamics of your network, optimizing resource allocation with smart polling. 

It scales intervals intelligently, focusing on active changes, ensuring that you're alerted to shifts in performance swiftly, without unnecessary load on your system. 

Proactive Alerting & Event Management

Our solution delivers a proactive stance on network event management. Real-time alerts and comprehensive logging equip you with the insight to intercept problems before they escalate. 

The result? A network that embodies resilience, with minimized downtime and maximized operational continuity. 

In-Depth Reporting & Historical Analysis

Dive deep into your network's history with AKIPS’s comprehensive reporting. Unveil patterns, prepare for forecasts, and make informed decisions with up to three years of granular data,readily accessible to help you understand and optimize network performance over time. 

Seamless Integration with 90+ Vendors 

Harness the full potential of AKIPS through its exceptional integration and customization features. From sending alerts to multiple destinations with our fanout/replicator to leveraging stable internal APIs for tailored scripting,

AKIPS molds to your network needs with precision and ease.

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We cover 90+ vendors 


 Cut network downtime by  


with proactive alerts. 



faster device discovery across networks. 



on network management costs annually. 

10-minute setup for monitoring 



Your Network with AKIPS

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